Saturday, April 2, 2011

Major General Chester Victor Clifton Auction

Recently there was an auction of JFK materials that were in the possession of Major General Chester Victor Clifton.  Some photos of the material were online.  Some are photos we have seen before.  Several are of the Kennedys celebrating Christmas in Florida in 1962.

 Ambassador Joseph P Kennedy with his grandchildren, his
wife Rose Kennedy is seen standing behind him.  

 I believe this is RFK with his son David.  

President John F. Kennedy with his nieces and nephews.
His son John is in the foreground wondering off.  

President Kennedy seated, his father's head is in the lower right.
Bobby seems to be holding a piece of paper, Teddy is behind him.
It looks to me like the group is singing and Bobby has the lyrics.

Caroline, Jackie and John with a pet dog between
Caroline and Jackie.  

I'm not sure what these are, buttons or cufflinks, I think.

JFK collectors items auctioned in Philadelphia

Some personal effects of former president John F. Kennedy were auctioned off Thursday in Center City.

The auction taking place at Freeman's Auction and Appraisers, featured items from the estate of Major General Chester Victor Clifton in Philadelphia.

Major Clifton served as a military aide to JFK.

His collection features private photographs and personal items including the president's schedule.

"We actually have the entire record minute by minute of the Kennedy administration," explains David Bloom of Freeman's Auction and Appraisers.

A letter drafted from Jackie Kennedy after the president's assassination was also auctioned.

It went for $3,000!

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