Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scans of the alleged Sirhan documents

I see a wee bit of a problem with the claim that Sirhan gave these documents to Mr. McCowan.

And I see it right here on the document below.

Displayed as the proof that Sirhan gave him (McCowan) the rights to these documents, actually, this document does nothing of the kind.  Sirhan gives McCowan the "right" to write a book.  Well, gee, thank you very much Mr. Sirhan but Mr. McCowan can write a book on any subject he likes with or without your permission.  He can write one or hundreds.  And as for Mr. McCowan, that you were the youngest member of Sirhan's defense team is blatantly obvious. You're a fool.  Sirhan didn't give you anything.  He did not give you legal possession of these documents. Nowhere in this sorry excuse for an alleged contract are these or any other documents even mentioned.  What else might you be holding onto? What other evidence that was never introduced in court do you uniquely posses that you were going to put into this book you never wrote? 

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