Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Very small article in the ABA Journal on alleged Sirhan documents

From the ABA Journal

Law Grad Agrees Not to Auction Sirhan Papers

A law school graduate has agreed not to auction papers he obtained from convicted Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan after the inmate's lawyer said they could be critical to his client's parole effort and threatened to sue to prevent the sale.

Would-be seller Michael McCowan is now a 78-year-old businessman. He said he obtained the papers, which include a handwritten description by Sirhan, who is now 67, of a visit to the Ambassador Hotel where Kennedy was gunned down, while working as a volunteer for the defense team in 1969, reports the Los Angeles Times.

"He wrote it right in front of me," said McCowan of Sirhan's account of visiting the hotel, noting that his client signed a release when he gave him a group of documents. "He knew I'd put a lot of work in on the case and wasn't being paid."

Which brough this comment from Rose Lynn Mangan:

True Sirhan drew an overhead view of some of the Ambassador Hotel’s venue rooms - but what he did NOT draw was the Ambassador Hotel Pantry - the very room in which that terrible killing took place. As Sirhan’s legally appointed researcher I am somewhat familiar with the facts and history of the pantry events on 6-4/5-68. What would have gotten my attention is if Sirhan would have made a detailed drawing of the pantry lay-out, the three steam tables, the tray stacker, the ice machine etc. But from what I was able to make out of the drawing McCowan was trying to auction off is that there was no drawing of the pantry lay-out. That was the kill zone.  Drawings of Rafferty and Cranston meeting rooms truly proved nothing.
Rose Lynn Mangan 

To which I have to comment.  What exactly was Michael McCowan's role on Sirhan's defense team? I don't believe he was just a volunteer.  Regardless, the alleged "release," he references wasn't a release, or any other kind of a contract at all as I previously mentioned.   Nor is the shooting referenced in the 4 page narrative.  No mention of it at all.  The last thing written about, if it was Sirhan who wrote this, is his desire for some coffee. Yet, to McCowan this is proof that there was no conspiracy, Sirhan did it, as he remembered this and wrote this down, "right in front of me." Then why no narrative of the shooting, no diagram of where the shooting took place?

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