Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Special Comment from Keith Olbermann on the Death of Bin Laden

As the Repugnant Republicans scramble to say some of the credit for killing Bin Laden should go to Bush, and that the intel that led to Bin Laden came from "enhanced interrogation techniques," let's remember the truth of this last decade.  Who was it that didn't give a damn about counter-terrorism because that's what Clinton did? Why was it that a counter-terrorism team allegedly led by Dick Cheney never met?  Who sat on that chair, with the children's picture book upside down, crapping in his pants for seven minutes?

You thought I was kidding about Bush
having the book upside down, didn't you?
This is not a Photoshop job kids.  

Who politicized 9/11? Who were the fools crying out that Bush kept us safe when the attacks happened when Bush was president?  Who used terror alerts for political advantage? Who said Barak Obama was a Muslim? Who said the fist bump was a "Terrorist" fist bump? Who had fun with Obama's middle name? Who said if you vote for the Democrats you'll die? Or they would be another attack? Who said the PDB titled "Osama Determined to Attack in the U.S." was "an historical document," in August of 2011 and ignored it? Who attacked Max Clelland as not being patriotic when he lost 3 limbs in Vietnam, implying he was careless with his own grenade?

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