Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why isn't Andrew Breitbart in Jail Yet? He's done this shit 5 times now!

For the 5th F*cking Time he strikes! It's the same tactic, selectively editing videos to pretend someone is saying something that they are not in order to spew Right-wing crap.  Then the Right-wing echo chamber goes Ape-shit with their fake outrage, and then someone is supposed to get fired.

He did this to A.C.O.R.N
He did this to Planned Parenthood
He did this to Shirley Sherrod
He did it to NPR
And he's at it again!!

And now he got video of a video conference between two classes, one taught in St. Louis, one in Kansas City.  The class was on the history of the Labor movement in this country and its struggle for rights.  Those Labor rights people are the evil people who gave you the minimum wage and the concept of the weekend.  So, of course America needs to be defended from that evil by Captain Asshole himself, Andrew Breitbart. So Asshole Breitbart edited the video to make it look like the professors are two individuals who are advocating violence and want to attack the capitalist system.  He made them look like Karl Marx and Leon Trosky.  And people believed Breitbart's shit!   

Why isn’t this asshole under arrest? Isn't any of this criminal behavour? Why is he feted by the mainstream media? Why is he welcomed on Bill Maher’s HBO show? Breitbart was on Maher's show on  April 30th.  Why can 't Bill Maher have a panel made up of Breitbart's victims instead?  

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