Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bill Moyers was on Democracy Now today

He's almost always interesting but today there were a few comments upon how he met LBJ to begin with, and one that I want to check up on that JFK personally phoned him and asked him to go down to Texas to assist in the mess that the Texas trip was becoming.  Here's the quote "...John F. Kennedy called me one day and said, "I’m going to Texas to raise money, and I want you to go down. And I’ve got some advanced men who’ve messed things up. They don’t know Texas. You know Texas. Go down there." 

I think that's total BS.  JFK doesn't trust his own advance man and turns to Bill Moyers? I don't think so. 

Bill Moyers on His Legendary Journalism Career: "Democracy Should Be a Brake on Unbridled Greed and Power"

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