Tuesday, June 14, 2011

James Hosty has died

Hosty died last Friday

The story had this photo claimng that that's Hosty leading Oswald down a hallway of the Dallas police station.  One problem, that's not Hosty.  Hosty had nothing to do with the arrest of Oswald, nor did Hosty have anything to do with moving Oswald from room to room in the police station.  The photo gives the false impression that Hosty arrested Oswald.

This is James Hosty 

Another false claim is that Hosty's notes of the one and only interrogation of Oswald he was allowed to attend are the only records that survive of Oswald's incarceration which is an unbelievable falsehood.  This writer, Billy Cox, has conflated interrogation with the word incarceration, while doing that he flubbed the story of interrogation notes.  Notes were taken of Oswald while he was alive and was being questioned in police custody.  We were lied to for more than 30 years that no notes were created or kept.  During the 1990's thanks to the efforts of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) notes surfaced from two sources Hosty and Captain Fritz.

Larry Haappanen found evidence of a third source for notes from Forrest Sorrells.

There are many records of Oswald's arrest and incarceration that survive.  There are hundreds if not a few thousand.  The idea that Hosty's notes are the only records that survive the arrest of Oswald from way back in 1963 is ludicrous.

One wonders when this writer was born, earlier this morning perhaps? 

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