Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Don't Need No Education, We Don't Need No Thought Control!

They must have thought they had it all.  They must have felt powerful and that it was a foregone conclusion.  They had the Sixth Floor Museum, they had the Texas Bar Association, they even had the Library of Congress.  They had teachers from around the state of Texas.  This was a week long seminar for teachers.  They wanted to "teach," them about JFK as they see JFK, and how they see the JFK assassination.  All of this was done under the guise of bringing primary documents (now that nearly everything is being digitized and made accessible over the internet) into the classroom. 

In addition to trying to teach teachers that Oswald did it the Sixth Floor Museum wants to question JFK's legacy. 

But, they got a surprise.  It didn't work.  Did they have anyone from the JFK assassination research community there? Nope. And guess what? We won.

9 teachers out of the 12 in the jury voted to acquit Oswald.  

So, what do they do? They downplay the result.  They downplay their own failure, "convictions of Oswald with this mock trial are very rare. It's too hard to present enough circumstantial evidence in such a short time to beat all reasonable doubts." 

A short time?  They had a whole week!  They talked to teachers!

Conspicuously absent from the article is any quote from or reference to Gary ( Not My Real Name ) Mack.  Maybe he had to sit in the corner with a dummy cap on.  Maybe he needed a time out.  

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