Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Orleans Cops GUILTY, But Not of Murder.

CNN leaves out the little detail that the 5 New Orleans cops were not found guilty on all 25 counts against them. They were found guilty of 23 of the 25.  There was one count, count two, use of a firearm in the Brissette shooting of which 4 of the 5 cops faced this charge, all four were found guilty.  Then if they were found guilty there was a second part to this charge, for any defendant found guilty of Count 2, jury must answer this question: Did the defendant's use of a firearm cause the death of James Brissette? The jury said no.  Also on count 9, use of a firearm in the in the Madison shooting:   

How could they be found guilty on everything else, but not found guilty of murder? How could they be found guilty of using a firearm against people, people who died as a result of being shot by these cops, but it wasn't murder?  They weren't even found guilty of causing the deaths.  Unbelievable! 

The New Orleans - Times Picayune has an editorial - Justice on Danzige, at Last: An Editorial

And one last comment, why am I putting this story here? What does this have to do with JFK or the Kennedy's?  Well, I believe the very concept of criminally prosecuting people who were literally getting away with murder for violating the federal civil rights of the victims, as in some cases like this one when the accused were cops, started with RFK's Justice Department.  Attorney General Robert Kennedy used this idea to attack the Apartheid like system of government prevalent in the southern states.    

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