Saturday, September 3, 2011

I wish there were more like MJ

Letter: Quit rewriting JFK's history

On Aug. 14, The Capital-Journal published a disgraceful column by George Will in which he cut down President Kennedy, so I wrote in protest.

So someone just had to write and tell me that my facts were all wrong.
I was here too, mister. I know what went on. But it seems there’s an anti-Kennedy movement on.
Those behind it have to rewrite history. To accomplish that goal, they accuse liberals, Democrats and everyone who admires Kennedy of rewriting history.
Kennedy did follow bad advice from the CIA at first, but he corrected his mistakes.
It also happens to be true that “Reagenomics” established our un-American class system.
Ronald Reagan does not deserve the hero worship he’s getting, but then that’s what it’s for. The rich love him for giving them the rest of the country and leaving the rest of us shut out. And they’re trying to assassinate Kennedy’s memory. Let’s not let them get away with it. And no more assassinated presidents!
I also have to say something to the people on Social Security who want to throw the disabled out of the program. They know if that happens the disabled will get even less, if anything, to live on.
How selfish! It was not the disabled who stole the Social Security funds.
I know you’re scared. So are the disabled. If you want to dump someone, dump the ones on corporate welfare.
Voters, get off your duffs and participate in every election. If the results smell, demand investigation.
Let’s really have a country where everyone counts the same.

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