Saturday, October 22, 2011

1964 Secret Service Reenactment photos IN COLOR

Robin Unger has posted some remarkable photos of the Secret Service re-enactment of the assassination, on the John Simkin forum.  These photos were taken by Malcom E Barker and are now with the 6th Floor Museum.  We all know they used the wrong car.  They used the Secret Service follow-up car.  So, the whole exercise was pointless.  But, these images are still captivating of Dealey Plaza, and the TSBD preserved on film before a lot of that area changed.  For example the three highway signs, R.L. Thornton Freeway Keep Right, Stemmons Freeway Keep Right, Ft. Worth Turnpike Keep Right, I believe are gone. So too with the Hertz sign atop the TSBD and the fire escape down the side of the TSBD nearest to the Dal-Tex building are all gone.   Below are two, there are more on the forum.

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