Monday, October 31, 2011

6th Floor Museum trying to "own" Dealey Plaza for the 50th anniversary of the assassination

The "Oswald Did It" Museum is at it again.  Through their Old Boy, or Bubba network Dallas officials are conspiring to own all of Dealey Plaza and turn it into something they can control and make money from for the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

They have been trying for years to get Robert Groden removed from it, arresting him 81 times for his failure to obtain a non-existant "permit," that will allow him to be there.  And 81 times the judge has thrown the case out for lacking any merits.  Groden is suing the City of Dallas in federal court over this.

Well, this time they are uping the ante.  They want to raise 2.2 million to "complete restoration of Dealey Plaza," whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

Some local TV channel has Mr. Gary "This isn't my real name" Mack narrating a short video piece about that day and what the museum does today. Mack pretends he doesn't get into "the theories," and all that, which is your BIG CLUE he's about to LIE HIS ASS OFF.  He says when people come to the museum and look out the window adjacent to the glassed off false sniper's lair where liars and morons say Oswald shot JFK they ask why didn't he shoot when the car's coming straight at him?  It's a far easier shot to make, nothing blocks his view, which a tree does when the car turns off Houston St and onto Elm.  Mack has an answer.  According to Mack everyone was looking forward and not at when and where they were in the now.  So, if "Oswald" was in position to shoot when the car was turning onto Houston St "they," presumably the Secret Service, would have seen him and shot him.  So, it was better to wait until they pass and make the turn onto Elm St and then shoot.  Because, of course, no one has every been attacked from behind before, right Gary "Not my real name" Mack?

And he continues, he's got a new excuse for how and why Ruby shot Oswald!  "Every city has a Jack Ruby," according to Mack.  Oh really? Every city has a manager of a titty bar carrying a concealed weapon who has total access to every police and court building in town?

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Can you believe this asshole?

The Dallas Morning News had an article on Sunday that the 6th Floor Museum has honored the Kennedy family wishes not to sponsor any official events to commemorate the assassination.  They're lying.  You don't raise 2 million dollars for a non-event.

And then there is this line, "The museum's executive director, Nicola Longford, says the 2013 commemoration ( See? a commemoration is an event) may simply be a moment of silence."

Let's set the record straight.  The idea of a moment of silence began with Penn Jones, Jr., someone who believed there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of JFK.  It didn't come from government, it didn't come from the media, it didn't come from any Dallas official. It came from one of us, a first generation conspiracy theorist.  And there has been a moment of silence every year at 12:30 since Penn Jones started it.  Sometimes the crowd was very small.  Sometimes thousands showed up.  Even when there were thousands the media said no one showed up.  What they really do is film Dealey Plaza at 5:00  or 6:00 a.m. some morning, probably on a Sunday, in the summer, a day with sufficient sunshine and no people and no traffic and they go see no one here this year.

Yes, it's true there are two competing groups of researchers.  But, both observe the moment of silence in their own way.  There are commemorations and speakers before the moment of silence and sometimes after.  That's because people care.  People still asks questions.  And some researchers can answer some of the questions because they've done the work.  I was in Archives II in College Park copying JFK documents this past weekend. I've never yet seen any member of the media reading or copying documents there.  I have yet to see one page of one document of the 5 million plus pages of documents that were declassified and released by the JFK Act, or the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) on the front page of a paper, or in a magazine, or shown on TV.  The media would prefer you to think that because they can't be bothered to go there you shouldn't have any interest either.

But, the 6th Floor people don't want any questions asked.  They want you to believe Oswald did it, and for you to pay them when they say so.  

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