Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Berlin Wall forum

It was well worth the trouble of getting there.  The keynote speaker was Dr. William. R. Smyser, author of Kennedy and the Berlin Wall.  He was brilliant.  He gave a great speech.  He was an American diplomat at the time serving in Berlin.  He recounted how Berliners felt when JFK came to Berlin and spoke.  He told how the crowd of hundreds of thousands shouted KENN-E-DY, KENN-E-DY, KENN-E-DY!  Smyser said, "It still rings in my ears."  Buy his book.  Don't get that Fredrick Kempe piece of crap.  Get Smyser's.

One of several humorous moments Smyser gave was when he clarified that no, President Kennedy was not saying he was a jelly doughnut, he was saying I am a Berliner, I am with you, I am one of you.  And the people knew what he meant and they wildly applauded him.

After hearing Dr. Smyser I was glad I went to this.  He teaches at Georgetown University.  I wish I could have him as a teacher.  

None of the others were as good as Dr. Smyser.  Dr. Hope Harrison shouted every word out of her mouth into the microphone as though she was trying to get the attention of a taxi cab outside.

The Washington Post wrote about the conference.  Once secret Berlin Wall papers released.

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