Sunday, October 16, 2011

More on Stuart Wexler and the MLK case

Stuart Wexler has opposed anyone else having any interest in the MLK case for some time now.  Back some years ago he was opposed to the creation of an MLK Act based on the JFK Act.  He was opposed to a petition to get MLK records released back in 2009.  Here’s the proof of that:

(This email is from February 16, 2009)

Both Larry Hancock and I are doing work that has been featured in the news media.  Indeed, one reporter who has worked with us is probably more responsible than anyone for this push for an MLK act.  As he has explained it to me, something is very likely to emerge.  I understand and appreciate your interest in this matter, but my concern with the approach you are taking is that it will invite the only kind of resistance that can derail this-  bureaucratic resistance.  This would be because your focus seems to be in the Pepper camp which quite frankly becomes less and less convincing the more we study the case.  The last thing in the world we need is Pepper to testify and accuse every government agency of involvement in the crime by referencing anonymous sources and dubious documentation.  That will harden the bureaucracy against disclosure.  This is not meant as disrespect to you as I know your ultimate goal is disclosure.   I am presently preparing material that will hopefully be given to Congress.   If we can ease up on the public pressure until we know it is needed, I believe we can get everything we want, even the stuff Pepper wants.


“ Ease up on public pressure?” “Until we know it’s needed?”

It’s been “needed” since the day of the murder in April 1968.  

As far as being in Pepper's "camp," I was following the case and informing people to the best of my ability as to what was going on in the case at the time.  Pepper was making news, and making progress in the case.  Actual evidence was being tested, the rifle was test fired, and was scheduled to be test fired again when Judge Joe Brown got yanked off the case.  Where was Wexlar when this was going on? 

John Judge who has been trying to get some legislation passed on the MLK case for years has a new petition about the case.  Guess what?

Wexler is opposed to it still. He sent around this false and misleading email to derail the petition John Judge created. Here’s the proof:

(email dated October 14th, 2011)

Getting the King files released is far easier than petitioning the President.  In fact, he has no power to do it.

One person and only one person is needed to release the King files:  the Clerk of the House of Representatives.  It is entirely at her discretion; no law is needed.  No action by Congress is required.  At least so far as the HSCA files, I have checked and double checked this with the archives and the clerk's office.   She is the only person we need, period.

He has been acting as though he owns the case, and if anyone wants to discuss it, or wants anything done on MLK they have to clear it with him.  Frankly, I’ve had enough of this crap.

Why has he been behaving this way?  Well, the answer is obvious, he’s protecting his book.  An honest researcher would not be threatened by an appeal to the public to get behind an effort to declassify files, or create something akin to the JFK Act and getting something done like what we had with the JFK Review Board. 

So, I leave it to you dear reader.  Who’s been honest and open?  Who’s treating the case fairly? Who’s treated who fairly? You decide.  

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