Friday, October 14, 2011

Stu Wexler = Pain in the Ass

He needs to shut the hell up and sign the petition.

There's always some idiot, always some schmuck, especially with COPA, who just can't let anything actually happen.  COPA has finally, finally created a petition without any misspellings. That in and of itself is a MAJOR VICTORY!

So, they have one to release files on Dr. King.  The petition seeks more than just the release of HSCA files.  [The House Select Committee on Assassinations was a congressional body that investigated the assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King jr. in the 1970's.  That body is known as the HSCA.]

Stu, doesn't get that and is focused only on the HSCA files and thinks the petition is a waste of time, that the Clerk of the House of Representatives has the power to release the HSCA material with one stroke of her mighty pen.  He's wrong about that by the way but that's the monkey wrench he wants to throw into the process.

Yes, the petition is very badly written.  John Judge wrote it.  It does request all federal, state, and local files that various governmental agencies at those three levels created when they spied upon Dr. King.  So, that would be more than the HSCA material.  Judge even asks for files from foreign governments.  So, it's a good start.

Additionally, all intelligence agency material the HSCA looked at in the late 1970's came from executive branch intelligence agencies, like the CIA and the FBI, which President Obama does have influence over.

So, if you really want files on Dr. King released, Stu, sign the petition.

If you really want to petition the Clerk of the House, great do that too, but not instead of, don't be obstructionist.  Sign the petition.  It costs nothing, it won't hurt the effort.  Saying, oh no, I got a better idea, does.

The White House wants 25,000 signatures before it will be presented to the president.  And we've already got somebody who thinks he has a better idea when there are only 31 people signed onto this as I write this post.

Sign the petition

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