Wednesday, November 30, 2011

98 Hour Moment of Silence

The Dallas Observer
Grassy Knoll: Dark Forces Silencing JFK Conspiracy Folk

After asking nicely for information about the planned event and being brushed off, Kizzia filed a legal demand under the Texas public records law for the application for an event permit and related correspondence and emails. What came back was a six-page document showing that the assassination museum wanted full control of all the Dealey Plaza area from November 18 through November 24, 2013, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., for seven days.

For a moment of silence? A bit of arithmetic here, and I come up with a moment of silence under this formulation that would be 98 hours long. That's a heck of a lot of silence.

This political cartoon beautifully demonstrates the attitude of The Sixth Floor Museum and certain people of power and influence in Dallas to anyone who likes JFK.

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  1. Joe, Here is a post I recently put on the JFK Lancer forum regarding this issue:

    I'm starting this thread because I'd like our members to give their opinions on what is happening in Dallas before and on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. If you are not aware of the controversy then read these news articles and come back.

    Modern Dallas coming to grips with Kennedy assassination (LA Times)

    Pinpointing the Shadowy Figures Behind the JFK Conspiracy ... the Other Conspiracy, That Is

    The Dallas Way to Honor John F. Kennedy in November 2013: Silence Pesky Free Speech

    Jerry Dealey reflects on Kennedy assassination, anniversary

    City, Sixth Floor Museum to Split Cost of $1.5 Million Dealey Plaza Redo Down the Middle

    Attorney for JFK author frustrated by Sixth Floor Museum's Dealey plaza permit

    How does a proud city handle the 50th anniversary of a nation's darkest day?

    (There are probably more but you get the picture.)

    I've been quoted in a few but I have only been interviewed by two reporters, one with the DMN and the other the LA Times. I was prepared to be misquoted and I have been. See another thread for that experience.

    One thing I did say - and was reported - is that I am in support of the City/Sixth Floor holding a commemorative program on the anniversary. Neither Lancer or any other group I am aware of can afford to put on the type of program the event (and the thousands of people there or watching) deserves. There isn't the funds. So, I accept that the official ceremony will planned and produced by them.

    Just to be clear: I AM NOT ok with the blocking of the Plaza to any other group or event before or after. I also am not sure why they would want to. Why would a City trying to move on, repair their image and finally forgive themselves (for something that wasn't their fault) want to then deny the rights of free speech and assembly and that action be splashed all over the news?

    Let me be the first to admit I absolutely hate it when the JFK anniversary ceremonies held by Lancer or another group have been "shared/almost ruined" by "performance artists" and the carnival it makes of things. But it has been understood our permits have never been about restricting any others from the Plaza, it only gives you the right to be there too. We have to share the space. Period.

    I do understand the need for a meaningful commemorative service uninterrupted while it lasts. I also understand the city and the museum plan to do extensive, much needed repairs - and also additions such as handicapped access - to the Plaza. That they would undertake this expense is commendable. However, I do not agree to their planned take over the entire week before the anniversary unless they can prove the repairs would be still ongoing and of danger to visitors.

    Are tourists to be banned from the Plaza during that week? Will tours be stopped? Will the entire Plaza be roped off? I don't have the answers -- only questions just like the rest of you.