Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Josiah Thompson on The Umbrella Man

So, what do folks think of this?

New York Times video on The Umbrella Man

I'm disappointed in Josiah "Tink" Thompson for not seeing through this.  He's being used.  He's being used to ridicule himself and all JFK assassination research, in his decision to believe the story that Louis Steven Witt told the HSCA when he came forward to say he was The Umbrella Man.  That despite being the only man under an open umbrella in the entire Dallas motorcade, that despite standing exactly at a point in Dealey Plaza where shots enter the car, that despite pumping the umbrella up and down during the shooting,  that he was merely protesting the Nazi appeasing policies of JFK's father, with an umbrella that has nothing to do with JFK, or his Dad, but is rather a visually symbol of Neville Chamberlain, Britain's Prime Minister, best known for allowing Hitler to take the Sudetenland in 1938.  Chamberlain was not holding an umbrella, nor was he standing under one when he showed the note bearing Hitler's signature and promising not to go to war with Britain ever again.  That Witt would think an umbrella is a sign that someone is pro-Nazi and a Nazi appeaser is STUPID! Chamberlain, like many British people do, use umbrellas, because the British weather, like the food, sucks.

So, is Batman's foe The Penguin a villain or is he just protesting Batman's pro-Nazi policies?

Witt's story is preposterous.  I am aware of nothing that supports it. Did Witt have any history of being a protestor? Or of caring about appeasement to Nazi's? Has he ever protested anything else before or since that day?

Or is Witt really not The Umbrella Man at all, and his story, just disinformation?

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