Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let’s all meet Stephen J. Lee, of the, genuflect when you say that boy, Grand Fork Herald.

 He’s the, get this, the “Faith and Religion,” reporter. HA!

Isn’t he awesome! Aren’t we grateful to live on the same earth with him?

Little Steven is irked with me for not giving sufficient attribution to the great Grand Forks Herald, “Basic ethics should tell you to include the attribution of the Clint Hill post to the Grand Forks (ND) Herald.”

Steve, cry me a river. 

A basic education should inform Mr. Lee that I was not claiming this work as my own.  This is not a case of plagiarism.  And someone with basic manners should thank me for the increased traffic to those articles.  

So, using the exact same title to the articles as published by The Grand Forks Herald, with a different color link (yellow) as opposed to the white of the normal text on my blog, to the exact same article, isn’t enough.  No. Not for him.

What were the titles of the three articles? 
1.) Mrs. Kennedy and Me
2.) Hill’s Thoughts on conspiracies, Warren Commission
3.) Secret Service Agent at JFK Assassination Discusses Larimore Link to Family

Not a word of those titles was changed. The link to those articles appeared above the full white text which I also posted on my blog. (If there was a problem with the link back to the articles I’m sorry. Blogspot.com has some gremlins sometimes.  Anyway...) Why include the full text of those articles on my blog? Because The Grand Fork Herald wants you to surrender your personal information, name, address, telephone number, zip code, email address, first born child, etc., to see the article, especially if you had wanted to see all three articles so that they can sell that information to advertisers because they like nearly all newspapers in America are failing.  Now is that ethical? 

They have chosen to be antagonistic to the entire internet and their failure to embrace is is biting them in the ass as they slowly die and go out of business.  

All three articles are now behind a pay wall. 

They now want people to pay $2.95 to access the article, “Hill’s Thoughts on conspiracies, Warren Commission.” The article is only 10 days old! Unbelievable! I’ll bet the entire paper didn’t cost that much when it published this article. Is this ethical?

I don’t want all newspapers to disappear, though I won’t miss most of them.  Should the Grand Forks Herald survive I do hope that someday in the future they can hire better writers than Mr. Lee.  Maybe they corrected this paragraph, from the article titled “Hill’s Thoughts on conspiracies, Warren Commission. but because it’s now behind a pay wall the world may never know.

‘Magic bullet’ theory [I'm leaving this badly written paragraph alone. Honestly, this is exactly how it appeared.]

The “magic bullet’ theory involves the bullet found on a gurney in the hospital, showing little damage, shortly after the shooting. The Warren Commission’s staff lawyer Arlen Specter determined that single bullet went through Kennedy’s neck and did all the damage to Connallyhit Kennedy and Connally.or, Arlen Specter, to have been the one that went through Kennedy’s throat, then through Connally’s torso, wrist and into his leg, falling out at some point.

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