Monday, November 21, 2011

Pigeon Poop

Jackass Max Holland finds pigeon poop, claims it supports Warren Commission.  Asked for comment the Pigeon disagreed saying, "Coup, coup."

What shit, what utter crapola.  Hyped to the nth degree that "digitally remastered," old movies would reveal new clues this putz conned The National Geographic Channel to fund him and give him a pro-Warren Commission TV show.  He claims that the traffic light above Elm Street was hit by the first shot and deflected it over to James Tague. He claims he's found "proof," of a "defect," not in any of these allegedly "digitally remastered," (and isn't that phrase "digitally remastered," a little old now? Just a bit?) but in a still frame from a black and white film from the 164 Secret Service re-enactment of the shooting when they filmed up from the car looking back towards the alleged sniper's nest in the TSBD.   There in a photo is a splotch of something white-grey against the darker grey/black of the metal frame of the traffic light.

NO, seriously, this is where "The Lost Bullet," went.


Not for "Sherlock" Holland.


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