Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bill Kelly is an imbecile

Once again Bill Kelly sabotages an effort to get any movement going in the JFK case.  He's recently written a letter to the Archivist of the United States in which he misspells the man's name.  It's Mr. David Ferriero, not Ferreiro.  He could have bothered to check.  He could have checked on Wikipedia or on NARA's site which gives a biography of Mr. Ferriero.  But, why bother?  It's not like this is important and you would want to be taken seriously, right, Bill?

Previously, Bill Kelly could not spell the word "chair," in a petition calling for oversight hearings that's still online, and still has the misspelling - Vice chari Rep. Mike Kelly.  There are other misspellings.  As with this new letter the person the petition is addressed to has his name misspelled.  It's Darrell Issa, not Darrel Issa.  He also has Rep. Raul Labrador's name wrong.  It's Raul, not Paul.  And it's Rep. Blake Farenthold, not Farentold.

Also, misspelled in this letter:

JFKAct - which should be two words

He also misspelled Rep. Elijah Cummings' name.  It's Elijah, not Elija.

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