Sunday, March 18, 2012

And the Disinformation Continues

A new book claims Castro knew that JFK would be killed.  Wow.  I'm whelmed. Taking information we already know from the Lopez report and correctly reported in John Newman's book "Oswald and the CIA" about Oswald, or an Oswald imposter, or both, making a threat on JFK's life in Mexico City in October of 1963 Latell strips out the full context of it, and strips out all who knew about it, to claim only Castro's intelligence knew about.

They'd be pretty god damn stupid not to know about it.  Oswald's in their embassy making the threat.

In reality, the CIA knew about it, the FBI knew about it, the Office of Naval Intelligence knew about it, the State Department knew about it, the Mexicans knew about it, the Cubans knew about it, and the Soviets knew about it.  The point of Oswald, or an impostor, or both, making a threat to JFK's life was to get that piece of info into U.S. intelligence agency files as a dormant virus that would lie low, not ring any alarm bells, and once the assassination occurs use it as blackmail against those U.S. agencies.

Here's how it would work, You guys have info on Oswald threatening to kill JFK inside the Cuban embassy in Mexico City from 6 weeks ago, worse still you've also got Oswald meeting with Kostikov, the KGB guy in charge of a assassinations in the Western Hemisphere, in the Soviet embassy in Mexico City, and then Oswald wanted to go to Cuba and then back to Russia and you guys didn't do anything about it?  When people find out about this they'll hang you. And they'll want retribution.  This could lead to World War III, a NUCLEAR WAR where 40 million American lives could be lost. Do you want that? No? Well, I got a deal for you, your only out is to say nothing about that and go along with our solution, this was a lone nut.

This is exactly what happened to Richard Russell to get him to serve on the commission.  And we got a transcript between LBJ and Richard Russell to prove it.  And this is what happened to Earl Warren to get him to serve as chairman of the commission.

Only someone very high up with the right kind of knowledge of how intelligence agencies work could conceive and carry out such a plan.  And John Newman points his finger at the CIA's chief of counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton.

But now comes a CIA guy, who will lie by omission, saying yeah, Oswald did it, but he did it for Castro, which is really a late 1960's story thrown up to muddy the waters when very valid research and criticism was gaining a lot of ground with the American public.

A CIA analyst Brian Latell has written a book in which he lies by omission and claims only Castro knew about the impending assassination because the Cubans, in Cuba, not Mexico City, were listening, not to anything in Mexico City, but to Dallas, not in October, but only on November 22nd, 1963.  Think about that, Castro, in Cuba, has a device, where he just points it in the direction of Dallas and he hears everything.  wow, what an amazing, secret machine, like something out of Buck Rogers.

I think it's really called RADIO.  And when they heard of the assassination it was in something called THE NEWS.

This story is big news in, where else, The Miami Herald, where everyone’s favorite baddie, Castro is always good copy, tying him to any crime real or imagined will always sell.  Look, Castro sank the Titanic! Look, Castro kidnapped the Lindbergh baby! Look, Castro blew up the Hindenburg! Look, Castro killed Kenny on South Park!  You bastard!

This book is published by Palgrave Macmillan.  MACMILLAN - there’s a hint right there.

Skip this.  Just go read John Newman’s book, or get the video of his presentation at A.S. K. ‘94.  Or take a look at Mexico City - a New Analysis, John's presentation at Lancer in 1999.  A DVD of that is available by the way here.  It's order number is NID99-4/5/6.  

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