Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmermann arrested in Florida. Finally!

Hooray! George Zimmerman has finally been arrested for the murder of Trayvon Martin.  At long last there has finally been an arrest.  This is a racial crime, always has been.  And it's the legacy of the Bush family's racial politics for political gain.   This is the legacy of George H.W. Bush and the Willie Horton ad.  You can trace the "Stand Your Ground" law's origin all the way back to that.  That damn law validated racial hatred and turned it into legalized murder and your get out of jail free card was just to proclaim "self defense." You initiate a confrontation and you can kill, just claim "self defense," and you can walk away.

This law signed by Florida governor Jeb Bush has cousins is over 20 other states in this country.  It's impact is just shy of subsidizing the return of the KKK.  How many other people were killed because this law promoted racially based vigilantism? Will the larger problem of this damn law and its many cousins be under any appropriate attack?  I don't think this right-wing Supreme Court will strike down these laws.  Can the people overturn these laws state by state?  We should.  I hope that will happen.  

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