Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dealey Plaza to go under long needed restoration

After watching this report it's as if the ghost of John Connally, or some other conservative force was making sure that Dealey Plaza will always look horrible.  Oh, they'll talk about the good ol' days before the assassination, how there's a statue to a George Bannerman Dealey who owned the local paper and for whom the plaza was named after, and how Dealey Plaza was the front door to Dallas, how they felt some civic pride in the place but there seems to be a strong odor of resentment in the piece that there are these "other" people in the world who think of President Kennedy's assassination when they think of Dealey Plaza.  And that the financial onus should be on them to care for the place.  The fact that the fundraising effort is short of its goal reminds me of the stories of how hard it was to get a ticket to see JFK in Dallas at the Trade Mart. Well, the reason that was so was because Gov. Connally controlled those tickets and didn't want any sold so he could claim that politically JFK was weak.  Something very similar seems to be going on here with this "restoration."


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