Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homer McMahon

Doug Horne has done some work on a Homer McMahon - ARRB transcript.

I can't put a .pdf file on this blog.  But, I think you can find it on the Education Forum.

Here is what he sent me:

This verbatim transcript of the ARRB staff Homer McMahon interview on July 14, 1997 (the second of three interviews of Homer McMahon) makes the interview much for [more] useable for historians and researchers.  It took about 60 or 70 hours to create---a real pain in the ass---but a labor of love, too.

I took the liberty of bolding or italicizing the questions and answers I felt were most important, historically.  On this transcript, this written emphasis does not necessarily reflect emphasis in the speaker's voice, but instead the importance of his response to the historical record. 

I have also added occasional transcriber's notes, which in this case are extremely important, especially the three transcriber's notes near the end of the transcript.  This interview has to be placed into the correct historical context---namely, there was another NPIC event (the Brugioni event) the night previous to Homer McMahon's, and at the time we interviewed him, neither he nor we knew about it.  I have explained this near the end of the transcript in two long notes.

I am going to try to send you the NPIC working notes that we asked McMahon about, via a download service called Send Space.  They should be sending you a link so that you can download the 18 MB file, which is too big to send as an e-mail attachment.

There are other NPIC related documents (correspondence between the CIA and the Rockefeller Commission from 1975) but those documents are not in Flat 90A with the 4 panels; this attachment shows what is in the box with the 4 panels.

Peter Janney photocopied the notes on a NARA color photocopier.  Somewhere along the line, wither when he copied them or when he scaned them later, aspect ratio distortion introduced itself into the one half-sized page.  But at least you will have the color photocopies made at NARA, of the notes we were asking McMahon about during the interview.

Here is the download link so that you can access the 18 MB file:

The image ratio distortion on the half-sized page is regrettable---and is probably an artifact of scanning the photocopy---but at least you now can examine the colored markings on the notes made by people at NPIC in various places.

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