Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Is How Stupid Romney Is.

His Bain Capital company is closing a plant, Sensata Technologies, in FreeportIllinois. The people who work there are fighting for their jobs.  Romney supporters chant “USAUSA!” in an attempt to drown them out.  They’re even so stupid as to call these people who are fighting for their jobs, and are trying to prevent the plant from going to China as, get this, Communists!  I can’t believe they are going to do this in September and October before a presidential election.  Romney doesn’t even have the common sense to put this off until after the election.  And Romney claims he will fight China and prevent China from stealing American jobs.  They’ve gotten their pink slips.  They are out in November.  170 jobs gone.  To add insult to injury they, the Americans losing their jobs, even have to train the Chinese how to do the jobs.  This is Romney's America.  This is his vision.  This is what he is doing now.  Imagine what he'd do as President.  

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