Thursday, October 4, 2012

From an Office Building with a High-powered Rifle

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I highly recommend this book.  And I mean that.  We could hardly have asked for anything better than a former FBI agent spelling it out that this document, or this story is false and here’s the proof that it is false.  He reproduces the FBI documents in question.  And, he uses the RIF numbers! Adams was involved in the investigation.  He was charged with finding Joseph A. Milteer after the assassination.

However, Shanklin told Adams he was only allowed to ask 5 questions. And Shanklin told Adams exactly what he was going to ask Milteer.  Adams was forbidden to ask any other questions. 

He details how his reports on Milteer were changed by higher level people in the FBI.  He details how some of his reports were destroyed.  Adams details how Dallas SAC Shanklin was scared to death of the higher ups between him and Hoover, and he was terrified of Hoover.  One thing he did to protect himself was to destroy documents that could be seen as embarrassing to the FBI, or that anyone above him would question.  The Hosty note was not the only document Shanklin destroyed. It was a routine self-protecting thing that Shanklin would do.

Adams also details how the FBI lied and protected Milteer.  There is an FBI document claiming Milteer was in Georgia at the time of the assassination.  This document is used to debunk the discovery that Milteer was in Dealey Plaza.  Milteer was captured on film standing on Houston St.  Adams calls this document a lie.  One key lie is the change in the description of Milteer’s height.  Adams did find and did talk to Milteer after the assassination.  He wrote a report that accurately described Milteer's physical characteristics.  The false FBI document says Milteer is only 5’ 4”, which is not true.  He’s taller than that.  But, this false height description was used to conclude that the person on Houston St. was not Milteer.  This was very hard to believe given the enormous, probably unique curl Milteer had in his hair.  No two people could possibly have had such a flamboyant curl in their hair.   

So, why did the FBI protect Joseph A. Milteer?  

How many other FBI documents have false information in them, giving false descriptions, putting people at other places, and not where they really were, thus giving them an alibi?

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