Sunday, November 4, 2012

Take a look at this - LBJ has a BBQ party for UN Ambassadors at his ranch on April 27, 1963

Tell me what you think of this.  I find it rather odd.  25 UN ambassadors and 200 other guests.  Why are they there? What was the purpose of this? Did LBJ just say call the UN and invite everyone down? Why is LBJ having a party for all these ambassadors?

April 27, 1963 - The LBJ Ranch was frequently the site of barbecues held for dignitaries and visiting statesmen. On this occasion, Vice President and Lady Bird Johnson entertained 25 United Nations ambassadors and some 200 other invited guests. This reel, filmed by Gordon Wilkison, camerman for Austin's KTBC and the Johnsons, is composed of clips of event that would have been edited into a newscast or other finished production. In addition to speeches and the presentation of Stetson hats to the dignitaries, the day's activities included a tour of the ranch, with some ambassadors riding horseback with LBJ, a barbecue meal catered by Walter Jetton, and ambassadors signing autographs in cement blocks that would be added to the ranch's "Friendship Walk." According to newspaper articles reporting on the barbecue, the guest list was made up of a number of well-known Texans, including: Eugene Locke, state Democratic chairman; Col. Homer Garrison, director of the Department of Public Safety; St. John Garwood, J. Frank Dobie, Attorney General Waggoner Carr, Jake Jacobsen, San Antonio Postmaster Dan Quill, Maury Maverick Jr., state Democratic committeeman; John C. White, Texas secretary or agriculture; Texas House Speaker Byron Tunnell, Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby; John Foster Dulles Jr. and Austin business leader, M.J. Anderson.

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