Monday, December 10, 2012

And another threat from the Dynamic Dipshits

This time from Richard Hooke, who is one dumb Fooke:


you have really crossed the line of all decency now in publishing Ralph's address on your hate site and trying to incriminate him with copyright breach.

You are a disgusting piece of filth to resort to something so low. If you don't cease expect there to be swift action from us. that's not a threat . that's a promise. We and America will not be pushed around by underhanded disinfo agents like you.

the captain
Richard Hooke

this idiot's email is -

Oh, I'm so scared.  Whatever shall I do? I know! LAUGH!

You see, the IDIOT, has an internet business where he pretends to be a doctor and invites people to his house so they can fast.  He can't admit he doesn't have enough brains to make toast.  So, his guests will have to fast.  It's online here. And on that site he publishes his address and phone number making them, say it with me class, PUBLIC INFORMATION.  

Please do send me more threats in emails.  I can then share them with prosecutors in law enforcement. 


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