Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing "The ARRB Unfinished Business" blog

UPDATED - Link repaired

This is how you do it Kelly.

I created a new blog on the ARRB's unfinished business.  I have created charts to help people understand what has been released, what was released but was defined as Postponned in Part ( PIP ) and / or Postponned in Full ( PIF ).  I only have a chart for the first batch up so far but that chart will be a template for the other batches I'll do.  

I will not be describing the content of the documents.  Nor will I be reproducing the RIF sheet.  But, with the info I'll be giving you you can find that info out. I'll give you the RIF number, the Agency file number, whether the document is Postponned in Part ( PIP ) and / or Postponned in Full ( PIF ) or Open in Full, the Date of Next Review, when some action should be taken on the document, hopefully when the document should be released in full, the date this batch was published in the Federal Register, if the Mary Ferrell Foundation has it and you can download it, and what Batch number it is.  

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