Sunday, January 13, 2013

JFK more popular in 1963 in Texas than LBJ

JFK 50 Snapshot: JFK’s Lone Star popularity rose as LBJ’s waned during week of Jan. 13-19, 1963

A 1963 Texas Poll speculated that JFK's handling of the 
Cuban Missile Crisis was reinvigorating his support in the Lone Star State. 

Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell (center, with City Council members in 1961) 
announced he'd seek a second term as an independent candidate. 

DALLAS: Mayor Earle Cabell formally announced he would seek a second term as an independent candidate in April. “Because I do not like to quit when a job is only half done, I shall be a candidate for re-election as mayor,” Cabell said.
TEXAS: President Kennedy’s popularity was rising in the Lone Star State while that of Vice President Lyndon Johnson was slipping, according to a Texas Poll. The poll speculated that JFK’s handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 was reinvigorating much of the support he enjoyed before his enforcement of the integration of the University of Mississippi. JFK enjoyed the approval of 71 percent of those polled. In Texas, 59 percent approved of the way LBJ was handling his vice presidential duties.

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