Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Max Holland is back to muddy the waters, again

I saw on Facebook a link to a story about a lawsuit trying to get JFK assassination records released.  The link goes to, so, there's a BIG problem right there.

Andrew Brietbart was an extreme Right-wing asshole who promoted the Tea Party and lost his friggin' mind when Occupy Wall Street was created which redirectred the public anger he stoked and wanted directed at liberals and the Democratic Party onto Bankers, Wall Street and the GOP.  Brietbart was also behind the false attack on ACORN and the false attack on Shirley Sherrod.

Judicial Watch is also the product of extreme Rightwing nutcases.  Richard Melon Scaife gave them millions to just keep suing the Clintons when Bill Clinton was President.

The guy behind this "lawsuit," is Max Holland.  No problem there, right?  He's just as they describe him, right?  He's just "a writer."  Read Mark Lane's latest book on the JFK assassination and you'll find out exactly who Max Holland is.  Holland is a hack for the CIA.

So, Max is suing NARA and the JFK Library for "assassination records" and Robert Kennedy DOJ records.  Holland is trying to make you believe that the Kennedy family controls all of the JFK assassination records.  He wants you to believe they are all stored at the JFK Library.  He blasts the creation and work of the ARRB, without mentioning the ARRB.

And then Judicial Watch tells us what some of the records it wants are, without telling you how they know this.

Judicial Watch says that among the items included in the secret materials are seven documents the Assassination Records Review Board deems “assassination records," CIA documents involving Cuba, a January 26, 1963 Cuban Information Service message titled “The Planes That Were Not There,” a document titled “Information on Lincoln Bubble Top Automobile sinse [sic] returning from Dallas” (a Lincoln Continental with a removable bubble top was the presidential limousine used by President Kennedy), and a State Department cable from Mexico.  

So, I would strongly advise caution before believing anything from these sources.

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  1. Joe, thanks for your word of caution on this. From what I understand, the records they seek have already been released and according to Mark Zaid Holland and JW have withdrawn the suit. BK