Sunday, July 28, 2013

A book I'm looking forward to reading

Dallas 1963.  It's not out yet but will be released in October.  This book is about the City of Dallas starting when JFK wins election until 11/22/63.  It explores the power elite who ran Dallas then.  Not a lot has changed.  There is still a Dallas Citizens Council.

Then like now the City of Dallas is running a JFK event as they want to run it, limiting the crowd, controlling and limiting the tickets to the event, a private ad agency and the Dallas police are involved in restricting public access.  The idiot Mayor said he doesn't want "it" to happen again. The Mayor is being told things and seems to be taking orders from unelected elites who like to operate from behind the scenes.  The BELO media company has been planning this for over a year.  A special group that calls itself "the 50th," doesn't even include the name Kennedy and certainly doesn't use the verbotten word "assassination," is in charge of the event. There are rumors that President Obama will attend, which is extremely doubtful.  If they put up giant TV screens in and around the city I can see him doing a video remote, or a pre-recorded message at best, but a personal appearance, I don't think so.  A website asks for a great deal of private information from people seeking tickets.  They already have a list of names of people they are not going to give tickets to which explains why some people I know get booted out of the website and cannot get tickets.

The parallels to how Dallas played party politics, trying to mask the machinations of Gov. John Connally and LBJ with the motorcade in 1963 are chilling.

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