Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Washington Post - JFK artifacts still beckon

JFK artifacts

Look at these photos folks.  There's one of the windshield, removed and in a box frame with an area encircled, where it is believed that a bullet, fired from the front went straight through and possibly hit JFK in the throat.  Pam McEllwain Brown, take a look, sorry if I don't have your name spelled correctly.

JFK's suit jacket looks almost shredded.  There are horizontal cuts in front on both sides, around the area of a breast pocket.

I don't recall ever seeing these artifacts photographed quite like this before.  They are much closer and of better quality that previously published, to my knowledge, anyway. I think the Washington Post folks got special access and photographed these items.

Take #10, JFK's tie, with a new, to me anyway, hole in it. It looks more like a burn mark from a cigarette.

I don't recall seeing JFK's name embroidered onto the sleeve before either.  What is this?

Folks, either I'm have trouble with my memory from lack of sleep after a JFK conference, or something strange is being introduced here.  I can't copy and post the photos, yet.

Is false clothing related evidence being introduced at this late date?

My God, they've even got Connally's clothing!!  CONNALLY'S SUIT JACKET AND SHIRT!
CONNALLY!  On exhibit at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in Austin.  I've never seen this before.  I thought this was destroyed.

There are 24 photos in total.  Look at #20, LHO's shirt as worn when he was shot by Ruby.

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