Thursday, December 26, 2013

James Reston Jr collapses into lunacy and revives the Oswald meant to kill Connally canard

This was just embarrassing.  It was really, really bad.  James Restin Jr., who wrote a fairly good book on Gov. Connally, "Lone Star Rising," has lost his mind in promoting the idea that Oswald really hated Connally, and, oops, hit and killed JFK instead.

There's a radio show where Restin spews a lot of stupid stuff.  And, of course he's got a book out on this.

Restin lumps all conspiracy theories together and gives a false premise that everyone one of them would have LHO knowledgeable and okay with the idea of him being a patsy, which is stupid.  He doesn't even understand the concept of a patsy.  The idea of a patsy is you go ahead and do something, and put the blame on somebody else, stupid.  This patsy isn't in on any part of the crime.  Another word for Oswald would be fall guy.  For God's sake how stupid could he be?

Restin worked for Stu Udal, who was in the plane with half the cabinet on their way to Japan.

Restin thinks the assassination was an accident.  Folks, do not buy this book.

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