Friday, December 6, 2013

The Federal Register and RIF numbers

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This is the link I mentioned but we couldn't pull up properly at the JFK Lancer conference.

The Federal Register

This is what you should see:

And I'll zoom in a bit

Now we're only really interested in the years 1995 to 1998.

So, I am going to try 1997.  If you click on 1997 it opens up to this:

So, we'll try January

And we got a hit on January 9th, 1997.  And you can see they're right near the top.

So, we click on that and get:

And when you click on the PDF link you'll see the page as it appeared in The Federal Register.

Now these thirteen digit codes represent a document.  So, you take one of those thirteen digit codes and you can do one of two things online.  Let's see if The Mary Ferrell Foundation website has the first document listed, an FBI document, Open in Full, 124-10175-10009.  You should all be members and at the $100 dollar level.  It's the best $100 you'll ever spend in this field.  At the $100 level you can search by RIF number.  Well, they don't have that one.  Okay, so you go to the JFK Assassination Records Collection Database that Archives II has.  Put in the number, and DO NOT HIT RETURN on your keyboard, but, instead hit the submit search button on this site.  And you get one hit.  Good.  Then hit Display Search Results.  Then you get a little information, but it's not enough. 

 So, hit that FULL button.  Now you will get a RIF sheet.  It looks like this:

You can print this off and give it to them to find this document.  You'll need to do this for each document you want to get.  The RIF number and the Agency File number are the two very important pieces of information that will ensure you get this specific document. 

For documents that are not in this database there are other guides.  See this site for more information. 

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