Tuesday, January 14, 2014

C-SPAN video on the Roger Stone book - Updated

I don't endorse this video, or this book, as I haven't read it yet.  But, I thought people might want to see this video.

I cannot embed it here.  But you can click on this link and see it.

Roger Stone claims that LBJ is "the appropriator" for the CIA.  He claims LBJ sits on a secret subcommittee that passes the black box budget for the CIA which are hidden in our aerospace budgets.  This isn't true, as Vice President LBJ doesn't sit on any committee in the House or the Senate.  His only real, legal power is to vote and break a tie in the senate, that's it.

However, LBJ is involved with NASA and it is at a NASA event in Dallas on April 23rd, 1963 that LBJ "announces" the Texas trip.  I say "announces" as JFK is already going to a testimonial dinner for Rep. Albert Thomas to try to convince him to "unretire"and stay in office. That dinner is set for Nov 21st, 1963 and it will be in Houston.  LBJ tries to extend that to a two day trip with multiple events, visiting several cities in Texas in his April 23rd announcement.

Stone claims that no defense contract in Washington moves without a bribe for Lyndon Johnson.  As senator he sat on the committee that formed the CIA.  When LBJ moves up to V.P. he leaves Sen. Harry Byrd behind as his successor.

Stone claims the Kennedy brothers made a secret deal to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey AND ITALY.  Not quite true.  JFK had already requested the removal of the Jupiter II missiles from Turkey as they were already obsolete.

He thinks Khruschev took JFK to the cleaners.  Well, this is, of course, Right-wing porn.  This is the Right-wing porn version of history.  No, third party ever verified that the missiles left Cuba.  Another Right-wing porn version of history is that the missiles are still in Cuba.

He says that LBJ held White House meetings while he defecated into the toilet because he loved the humiliation and embarrassment it caused in the Ivy League people he inherited from Kennedy.  Sadly, this is true.

Stone says LBJ fathered three illegitimate children, not just the one son, Steven, via Madeline Brown who had died before Madeline ever really came forward with this story.

Stone says LBJ murdered, or had murdered, at least 8 people, prior to JFK.

Stone claims there are strong links between H. D. Bryd, the man who owned the TSBD building and LBJ.

Stone does believe that JFK was going to withdraw from Vietnam.  He didn't for a long time, but does now.

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