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Edward M Sinker - He's worse than you thought. ( A follow up on Jefferson Morley's piece on this guy. )

This is from WKTV in Utica, NY from Nov of 2013.

Jefferson Morley has a new article wherein he's calling Edward Sinker a fraud.  Mr. Sinker claims he was an independent investigator into the JFK assassination starting in the 1970's.  He then claims he worked as a consultant to the HSCA, except neither Robert Tannenbaum nor Dr. Wecht have ever heard of him.  Sinker also claims that he met Senator Ted Kennedy and that Senator Kennedy allowed him to see autopsy materials, specifically, "cross sectional specimens of the brain."

Well, that's very interesting because Dr. Cyril Wecht in a New York Times article, August 27, 1972, on the front page, written by Fred P. Graham, mentioned how JFK's brain was missing.  So, it would be impossible for Mr. Ed Sinker to be examining any cross sectional specimens of the brain because they went missing years before the HSCA was created.  It is presumed by the extant documentary record that RFK may have gained access and control over JFK's brain and other autopsy material and may have destroyed them, though this is not in anyway proven and should not be taken as historical fact.

There are four known documents in the JFK Records Collection at Archives II in College Park, Maryland that pertain to Ed Sinker.

1.) 180-10076-10300, an outside contact report
2.) 180-10094-10481, a document from a private citizen to Mr. Donald Purdy.
3.) 180-10076-10286, general correspondence from a private citizen
4.) 180-10083-10249, a document from a private citizen

None detail anything like what Mr. Sinker claims, that he was a consultant for the HSCA. 

Apparently, he did meet Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy once. But, big deal.  

Morley references an article in Cigar Afficionado magazine which discovered that Mr. Ed Sinker was convicted of mail fraud and served four months in prison.  This concerned his prized collection of political campaign buttons.  He said they were stolen while he was at a political button show in Pennyslvania.  They were valued at over $76,000.  He almost got away with it.  Let me quote this paragraph from the Cigar Afficionado magazine article:

"Sinker might have gotten away with his scam had he not succumbed to a common penchant of button collectors: he liked to show off his treasures.  In October 1992, at the height of the Bush-Clinton race, Sinker went on WKTV in Utica, New York, to display his splendid assortment of antique buttons--two years after he claimed they had been stolen."

Yes, its the same guy, lying to the same TV station. Edward M Sinker cons WKTV in Utica, TWICE!  How stupid are they? 

This guy was an attorney! 

"For approximately ten years, appellant--an attorney--served as Chief Title Counsel to Allied American Abstract Corp., a title abstract company. In that capacity, appellant performed title examinations, reviewed and negotiated contracts, and represented Allied in various other legal matters. In July 1994, appellant was indicted on one count of mail fraud under 18 USC § 3141, a felony. The charges stemmed from his submission of a false insurance claim to Allstate Insurance Company for theft of a political button collection." ( See - 

He lost his job, and his law license.  But, he didn't go quietly.

"Soon after his conviction and termination of his employment, appellant applied for unemployment insurance benefits, which respondent Commissioner of Labor denied on the ground that appellant had engaged in conduct constituting a felony in connection with his employment. On appellant's request for further review, a hearing was held before an Administrative Law Judge, who sustained the Commissioner's determination, as did the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board and the Appellate Division."

What a schmuck.  

If you read the decision on this, 5, count them, 5, 5 judges denied his appeal for unemployment insurance. 

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