Sunday, March 9, 2014


If a passport is stolen, and reported as stolen by the people they actually belong to, which from what I've read they did, back in 2012, then how in the hell can they be used in 2014?  Why aren't they cancelled? Why isn't the information, data, numbers, whatever information is in there made null and void as soon as they are reported stolen so that no one can use them?

Interpol says they knew the passports were stolen, and says nobody checked with them before they were used to board the flight.  Well, what proactive steps did Interpol take to tell people don't accept anyone using these passports?

I think its fair to say that government agencies, once again, failed the public.

All that smoke and mirrors dog and pony show in airports, all that crap about taking your shoes off, and no liquids, and shit has to be in 3.5 ounce bottles in clear zip-lock bags, and two schmucks with stolen passports fly right through that so called security and a plane disappears.

I can only hope that one day international air travel will be safe, fun and exciting again.  It used to be.

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