Saturday, May 24, 2014

Buell Wesley Frazier is not convinced Oswald did it

Gayle Nix Jackson had this on Facebook today.  It's from Fox News, The Neil Cavuto show had Frazier on for the 50th anniversary.

I can't embed it here.  Blame Yahoo.  They had a clip of Oswald in the hallway that was new to me.

I can't get a good clear image from this brief walk down the hallway.  I'm sure there is a better source for this brief film somewhere.

There's also an interesting film of Oswald being led down the hallway and into Fritz's office.  And there's a web address in white at the top of the screen as we see the hallway like in a crane shot.  Someone put their 16mm black and white camera on a pole and filmed down into the hallway.  But I can't make it out.


Later in the interview we see a portion of a film as Oswald is brought into Capt. Fritz's office, and I mean to his office.  They do not go around the corner into the squad room.

The third guy in the door behind Oswald had glasses on, 

Fourth guy is smiling, maybe laughing and has his suit jacket off

The last guy in takes his vest off as a 
policeman outside closes the door.

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