Sunday, June 15, 2014

Robert Groden loses in his federal court case against the City of Dallas.

Well, that was quick.

I don't think Brad's hair helped.

Jurors find arrest of JFK conspiracy theorist constitutional.  

Oh, just a quick note about the embedded video, it seems to offer you the choice of muting the sound for the commercial they want you to see before the news piece, but if try to hit that mute button, or you try to lower the volume, or even to raise the volume the damn things reloads.  You are going to watch the damn commercial at their predetermined volume level whether you like it or not. 


DALLAS -- A verdict has been reached in the civil rights trial of long-time JFK conspiracy theorist Robert Groden.

Groden was arrested in 2010 for selling merchandise at Dealey Plaza without a permit. Two and a half years later, an appeals court threw out all charges against him.

After deliberating for an hour on Thursday, jurors found that Groden's 2010 arrest was not unconstitutional.

Groden was suing the City of Dallas, claiming his constitutional rights were violated in the process.

Groden's lawyers claim he was arrested by Dallas police without probable cause, and that this action violated his right to free speech.
Exactly four years ago Groden was first contacted by Dallas Police Sgt. Frank Gorka. Gorka warned him he could not sell with out a permit. The following day he arrested him.

It took 2.5 years for a court to rule that no such permit existed and throw out the charges. Groden says he spent nine hours in jail, even though he was charged with a class c misdemeanor. Those aren't usually punished with jail time.

During closing arguments Groden's attorney asked the city to replace $1,000 worth of merchandise confiscated, $900,000 in mental anguish, and $100,000 in damages to Groden's reputation.

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