Friday, August 22, 2014

So, Gary Mack wants to carry some water for Rush Limbaugh and defend Limbaugh against Lewis Black

In case anyone doubted what a son-of-a-bitch Gary Mack is let him dispel you of having any kind thoughts about him.

A little background, Robin Williams stunned the world by committing suicide.  Limbaugh told his audience that Williams committed suicide because he had a Leftist worldview.  And you can Google all about this, and Limbaugh's, and Sheppard Smith of Faux News and their, sort of, apologies.

So, I put up what Lewis Black said to Limbaugh and I got this from Gary Mack.


What’s really funny is that alleged comedian Lewis Black is so ignorant (and erudite?).  Let’s examine. 

First, he’s a dedicated Liberal who never listens to Limbaugh, so how would he know what was said?  From his lefty pals who also don’t listen?  No.  From one of the Hate Limbaugh blogs?  Probably.

But what did Limbaugh actually say?  I heard that broadcast and have checked the full transcript.  He was commenting mostly on what news outlets had been reporting and then observing how liberalism skews their coverage not to tell the facts but to shape a narrative that lefties like to promote.

This article includes links to the full transcripts so you can read for yourself (and I hope you do):

And how can writer Leslie Salzillo say that Limbaugh “disgusts the majority of people” when those who don’t like him or have never heard of him never listen to the guy? 

And Limbaugh does not appear “on our tax-paid public radio.”  He’s not on PBS or NPR.  He’s on commercial stations where listeners decide whether to listen or not and advertisers decide whether or not to purchase commercial time in his show.

I always chuckle when liberals, you know, those who claim to be for fairness, equality and tolerance try to silence people.  In other words, they are only tolerant of folks who think and act like them? 

Libs are so predictable......


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