Monday, August 18, 2014

The ENTIRE police department of Ferguson, Missouri needs to be arrested

The Governor of Missouri and federal authorities need to arrest the entire police department of Ferguson, Missouri.  They need to do this immediately and seize all the computers and devices that can record, store, and play, any information.  All cellphones and personal devices of all of the cops need to be seized.  All cars of the police vehicles and all of the computer equipment in each and every one of them need to be seized.

I believe the Ferguson Police Department is very busy deleting and destroying documents and other evidence in a desperate attempt to control the story and present a false narrative of the events that led to the death of Michael Brown, who we now learn was shot "at least 6 times."

The police officer involved, who I think it's plain to see reacted EMOTIONALLY to whatever Michael Brown said or did.  I think it's quite clear he acted out of personal anger, and having a gun used it to in his mind maintain his delusion that as a cop I am superior to you.  Many, many, many police officers across America think likes this, and act like this.

This behavior has been accepted, encouraged and for many a long year covered up.

And in the years since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001 the Department of Defense has been sending equipment the scale and scope of which together could probably conquer all of Western Europe.  The tiniest towns in America, with populations well under 10,000 have been getting just insane equipment some formerly used in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jon Oliver covers the topic well on his HBO show.

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