Saturday, October 4, 2014

Is this Jack Ruby with Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator Prescott Bush in May 1953 or someone else entirely?

I'm asking a question. I'm not making a statement. I saw this when I looked at the CTKA site and saw John Armstrong has an article on Ruby.

This photo is also on here -
Don't bother to listen to the ridiculous audio.  It's something from someone promoting UFOs.

The person who put this image up says in Kitty Kelly's book "The Family" on the Bush family, that there is another photo of this event taken at a different angle which does not show the person who could be Jack Ruby.  The person behind Nixon is unidentified.  The man touching Nixon's hat is Senator Prescott Bush, father of President George H.W. Bush.  The photo was taken May 6, 1953.  It's just a photo op as Prescott Bush gives out new hats to Vice President Nixon after a luncheon with freshman senators.

So, when you put Prescott Bush and Nixon into Google you get more information.  Hell, everyone's selling this photo. Here's another taken at the same time that does not show the man who some people think resembles Jack Ruby.

So, there are really several photos taken by several people as it was a photo opportunity.  The hats were made in Connecticut and Prescott was something of a dandy, considered one of the best dressed men in the senate.  It's self promotion, and a promotion for a business in his state of Connecticut. 

Senator Prescott Bush, representing Connecticut, known then as the Hat State, adjusts a straw Panama he gave to Vice President Richard Nixon on May 6, 1953, after a weekly lunch of freshman Republicans in the U.S. Senate. Bush, who favored jaunty brown-and-white spectator shoes and plaid double-breasted blazers, was known as one of the best-dressed men in the Senate.

And these photos are put up on whacko websites so that people who think the Bush family were the prime suspects in JFK's murder can play games, or put on websites to promote UFO's and other bat-shit crap.

So, the question should be is that Jack Ruby and why is he in Senator Prescott Bush's office as Senator Bush is photographed giving a new straw hat out to Vice-President Nixon? Now that I know this was a photo op the question should be did anyone else get a hat? This was after a weekly luncheon with freshmen senators.  Were the senators all Republicans or were Democrats also invited to this luncheon? Did all of the senators attending the lunch get a hat? If so, who were they? Did any of them resemble the man people think is Jack Ruby?

I looked at all of the people who were senators in 1953. Well, yes, one does bare a resemblance to Jack Ruby, and that's Senator William F. Knowland.  Here's his head shot on Wikipedia.  He bares a resemblance to Jack Ruby as Ruby looked in 1963.  I don't know when this head shot photo was taken.

He's not a freshman senator in 1953, however, but he does become the new Senate Majority leader in the summer of 1953. I think the man in question is much more likely to be one of the freshmen senators getting a straw hat from Prescott Bush than anyone else.  

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