Saturday, October 25, 2014

New film clip from a Ft. Worth policeman debunks SS myth that JFK ordered men off his limo

Original clip found in a series of film clips from NBC.  Vince Palamara made a partial transcript.  The sound is very poor.  You can see a large microphone is placed on a table in front of the man.  His name is Rocky Stone.  

“They had nothing but praise for President Kennedy and his manner in which he felt about the Secret Service men. They said that by far he was more considerate of them and their feelings than any of the previous presidents they had been taking care of. They said that he always went by their decisions to protect him. That he was always considerate of their (sic) fact that he never tried to do anything that they thought was against the rules in which to protect him. They stated that President Kennedy referred to them as ‘his boys’ and that at times when there were large crowds of people that the president always looked around to see where ‘his boys’ was (sic) at so, at a moment’s notice, they were able to be at his side and get him out of the crowds as he possibly could be in danger. In the moments after, they said the Secret Service was very, very short of money and that even some of the agents had to buy the two-way radios they used out of their own pocket and they did need more money to operate on to hire more men in order to be successful in protecting the president out of state [presumably Washington, D.C.]. ”

Very poor audio- transcript based on multiple playbacks.

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