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The FAKE audio of 11/22/63

It's time to call this stuff what it is F-A-K-E.  It's FAKE.  It's always been a fake.  There never was live radio, or live television coverage of the Dallas motorcade. Never.

The fake audio starts at about 6:48 with "A mobile radio unit on the scene picks up the story." What follows is 100% fake, "The president's car is now turning onto Elm Street and it will be only a matter of minutes before he arrives at the Trade Mart."    

So this, "Put me on Phil, put me on..." intro is total bullshit.  Who is talking? Who is Phil? Exactly what is being interrupted? This is a deception, making you think a live radio reporter is out in the field at the Trade Mart who is trying to get on, to interrupt a radio program.  What radio program? What channel? This is a deception, as though there is a radio anchor who has been hosting a live radio show on the Dallas motorcade. This is a fiction.

You can tell it's fake because the announcer says he's INSIDE the Trade Mart.  Yet, you hear absolutely no noise from anyone, no crowd noise, nothing, from inside the Trade Mart.  Yet, while inside the Trade Mart this fake newscast would have you believe you can hear sirens going by.

JFK's limousine passed the lead car with Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry in it as it went under the triple underneath.  We know this from the Jack Daniel film which films the motorcade from the other side of the triple underpass area.  Daniel is not in Dealey Plaza. Greer told the Warren Commission he was led to Parkland, "I was led to the hospital by the police car who was preceding me." But, that's not true he passed it.

Presidential limo (on the left) passes lead car

So, how does Secret Service agent Greer, the one driving the presidential limo, know where Parkland hospital is?

You can also tell this audio is fake by how the sounds of sirens start.

"Hello, am I on?" No response.

(same voice)"We're here at the Trade Mart." No noise from anyone in the Trade Mart. Yet, we can start to hear sirens, outside the Trade Mart, as though in the distance and coming closer.  He can hear that, from inside the building? But, we can't hear any sound from anyone inside the Trade Mart? "The motorcade is coming by here."

So between JFK being shot and when the presidential limo passes the Trade Mart, which it didn't really do as it stayed on Stemmons Freeway and flew past the Trade Mart, this guy learns of the assassination and can get on the air? How? How is that possible?

And we can hear the sirens outside, but nothing inside the Trade Mart, nothing, not even the sounds of other newsmen who would also be calling in to their radio and TV stations? Where is the guy? How is he communicating with his employer, this radio station? Is he on a phone? What equipment is he using that can hear him and him alone inside the Trade Mart and yet we can hear sirens outside the building?

(same voice) 'I can see many, many, motorcycles coming by now." Really? That's odd, because "many, many" motorcycles were not around the limo when JFK is shot.

You can tell it's fake because he says he's IN the Trade Mart, he hears sirens that get louder and louder, he comments on the limousine, and comments upon seeing Jackie's pink suit and a Secret Service man spread eagle over the top of the car, the sirens don't decrease in volume, and effortlessly, miraculously, while still talking into a mic he's suddenly in the motorcade and going to Parkland hospital.


He gets to Parkland and finally identifies himself as Ron Jenkins with K-BOX.

KBOX- is a radio station that recreated, that is FAKED, the JFK assassination, in the studio, after the event, to give the false impression that there was live radio coverage of the Dallas motorcade.

They are also the ones who have someone saying "The presidential car is now turning onto Elm Street..." as though this announcer was positioned directly in front of the Texas School Book Depository building. Now why would a reporter be there? Why would a reporter be there before the assassination? Are we supposed to believe they had a guy with a live mic every couple of blocks of the Dallas motorcade and this one just happened to be in Dealey Plaza? And he can "see" that "something has happened," but despite his "live" mic neither gunfire nor crowd reaction is heard or recorded?

The impression they want to give is that he's at ground level amongst the crowd.  However, there's no sound of a crowd who would certainly be cheering as the President of the United States, the man they came out to see drives by. Yet, we do hear a car go by, an audio sound any good sound man can recreate in a radio studio.  But, if we can hear a car go by, and this announcer talking we should be able to hear the gunfire, which we don't.

Warren Commission Document #1245 proves all of this audio is a fraud.

There was a record made by Colpix records, a division of Columbia Pictures Corporation, made in conjunction with UPI, a record titled "Four Days That Shocked the World." Two Dallas stations contributed "broadcasts" to this record, KBOX and KLIF.

Page 11

Page 13

Here's the important bit.  Click on it.  

Okay, so there was no live coverage of the motorcade, not by Tv, not by radio. 

Another page contains very important information.  Sam Pate, a newsman at KBOX was fired on Nov 23rd, 1963.  I find that really interesting.  Why was he fired? Could it be because he participated in fake recordings of the assassination, a fake newscast, as if it was a live broadcast?  

And the important bit.

Did you note that? "Not an authentic one."  

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