Sunday, December 21, 2014

Graduate Student teacher flees Marquette after being targeted by John McAdams

Teaching assistant leaving Marquette amid McAdams controversy

Cheryl Abate is leaving Marquette after receiving threats from morons loyal to John McAdams.  She has a very powerful case if she should sue Marquette, it's management, and McAdams in particular.  The Dean of Marquette wants to be seen as a guy who took immediate and tough action, but he just doesn't have the spine to fire McAdams.  McAdams may yet be fired but this Dean is dithering and delaying action while he and perhaps others "review" McAdams behavior.  What needs to be reviewed this long? McAdams publicly attacked Abate in a blog on November 9th.  He attacked her in a typical bullying mode as if he, being a White male had the right to do so. Since Marquette hasn't fire McAdams yet she's decided to fire Marquette and go somewhere else.  This dithering review process from this Dean of Inertia only compounds the offense.  Apparently, the school motto of Marquette is "So What?"  

Meanwhile, McAdams is begging for help from America's ever growing Right-wing media bullshit machine pretending he's a victim, claiming all he did was stand up for White Male, bullying, bullshit, boorish, behavior.

And the Dean of Inertia, Richard C Holz, (image below) does nothing while this builds and builds on Right-wing TV and radio.

And the President of Procrastination, Michael Lovell, doesn't know what the hell to do either.

The non-firing of McAdams by the not-decisive Dean of Inertia has given the world such a sight of inactivity it reminds one of the Monty Python Cricket Sketch.

WTF is wrong with Marquette?


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