Friday, December 5, 2014

Some photos of Floyd Boring, all from the JFK Library - Updated

1.) Floyd Boring is in the middle with sunglasses on.  See - AR6742-B. President John F. Kennedy Leaves Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle after Mass.  

2.) Boring on the left. Arrival of President John F. Kennedy at the White House ellipse

3.) Boring on the left - KN-C19037

4.) JFK at Cape Canaveral with John Glenn. Floyd Boring is the one closest to the camera.

5.) JFK and his sister Patricia Kennedy Lawford in Boothbay, Maine going to a church. Boring can be seen over JFK's left shoulder.

6.) Boston College Centennial Ceremonies.  In immediate foreground SS agent Don Lawton, behind Lawton and showing left side profile is Boring, then Malcolm Kilduff, and Anthony S Suglia, is a White House Communications Agency officer, and not an official with Boston College. There are photos of some promotion ceremony for Anthony Suglia here on January 16, 1961 just 4 days before JFK took office as president. 


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