Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FOX news and the "No Go Zone" lie

I have to comment upon this idiocy that started on FOX news.  They had this fake expert on terrorism, Steve Emerson, and he thinks there are these "No Go" zones in America, and especially in Europe where Muslims have created little communities where Sharia law is the rule of the land.  People who are not Muslims are not allowed in.  The local police won't go there. And these zones have an autonomy that threatens the sovereignty of the nations that they are in.

Now this fool got carried away with himself and he wanted FOX news idiots to think that there actually are such places in England and France.  He specifically said that some cities have been overrun and taken over by Muslims and their Sharia law.  He claimed Birmingham is "Totally a NO Go zone."

This comment reached the ear of Britain's Prime Minister who called Mr. Emerson, " a complete idiot."

FOX news has had to retract this lie and has said on the air, several times, that this whole idea was false and not true.

Democracy Now had on Jeremy Scahill on talking about these fake terrorism experts.

But, the really glorious thing about it is this other complete idiot, Bobby Jindal, who is the governor of Louisiana, and a political darling of the extreme Right-wing wackos talked about these fake "No Go zones" while on a trip in London.  He could not name any place where these so called "No Go zones" are supposed to be.  The Guardian notes that this fool will not acknowledge that the whole damn thing is a stupid lie.

The "No Go zones" are a Right-wing fantasy that is an outgrowth of their fears, and racial hatred of communities in America where there are people of a certain ethnic background, race, or religious faith where, according to them, these people are not, or do not "assimilate" properly into the government they are in.  There are places in New York City that are like this.  Harlem has a large Black community. There are several place in America where there is a "China Town." There are places with a strong Italian presence, or a Jewish presence, or Irish, or Russian, like "Little Odessa."
These places are not to be feared.  These places make America great.

But, to extreme Right-wing morons they are to be feared because they are not dominated by Right-wing, White Christian males.  And they are to be targeted for discrimination.  This is the classic demonization of "the other." And this crap is being presented as the correct way to fight terrorism

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