Monday, March 2, 2015

An update on Edward Sinker, a guy I wrote about almost exactly a year ago

I wrote about this guy in March 2104. Edward M Sinker, he's worse than you thought. That was a follow up piece to an article Jeff Morley had on his site "Fraudster claims to have viewed rarely seen JFK medical evidence." A jury convicted him of mail fraud and he spent 4 months in prison.

This idiot is a fraud from the word go.  And now nearly a year later he's emailed me.  He's a member of that type of idiot that thinks I or anyone else needs his permission to write about him.

The "words of others," he is so dismissive of in his email happened to be A JURY THAT CONVICTED HIM! He also uses the abbreviation J.D. after his name as though he still has his law license, which he doesn't anymore.

Here's his email:

Edward Sinker

12:05 AM (17 hours ago)

to me

What kind of researcher relies solely on the words of others?  Why have you not attempted to contact me if you're so enamored and self-righteous with the truth?

I am now affording you that opportunity. I have fourth stage cancer with less than a year to live, so I truly don't give a rat's ass what you think.  However, even convicted felons sometimes are concerned about the truth and what they leave behind. Ever wonder why the FBI was so interested in me? Why they chased me in the first place? Are you so stupid that you believe juries always arrive at the correct verdict? If you weren't so fucking lazy, you might have read the trial transcript and discovered that the Judge, though he could not toss out the jury's verdict, found that I told the truth. That's what a real researcher would have done.

Edward M. Sinker, J.D.

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