Saturday, May 9, 2015


Wow, first McAdams now Fetzer.

More soon.

There's this really stupid RIGHT-WING NUT show on called "The Jeffrey Sisk" show or "American Liberty STUPIDITY Live."

Ustream forces a commercial on you about every 5 minutes and can even override your computer's mute button to make damn sure you hear them. Shouldn't Ustream be a prescription produte for people with prostrate problems?

How stupid? In the first segment, which is after about 20 minutes of opening credits and stolen songs, this goober can't tell time, and then praises his friend who translated the Bible, going back to the original texts, and with "about a 4,000 word vocabulary" translated The Bible into this new stupid guy version. So that, you know, someone with the reading skills of a 4th grader could read it.


Jesus Saves! Yes, but Moses Invests.

Once Fetzer comes on it is COMEDY GOLD! Of course he gives himself a commercial plug for his own books. Even Sisk tries to bring him around to being on topic.

Gordon Duff for President! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

How did Gaddafi become this darling of the extreme Right-wing crowd? Someone Reagan bombed!

How Fetzer mispronounces benevolent, as in dictator, and hydrogen, as in bomb is hysterical.

Nothing Fetzer says is contradicted by this idiot Sisk.

Veterans Today apparently wanted to increase its standards about this "Jade Helm 15" thing which is supposedly some ooga-booga armed forces training exercise where people think the U.S. is going to "invade" Texas.  Bill Maher took this shit apart on Friday.

Bill Maher ridicules Texans reaction Jade Helm... by ewillies

Jon Stewart mocked it too, it's really about 5 minutes into this. he talks about that draw Mohammed cartoon crap conference shooting first.

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